Saturday, November 12, 2011


RUMSON:  In the small villages that dot Ireland, the pub culture plays an important role in social life; it is the public hub of the community.  Half of the magic of Ireland lies in the people, for whom great conversation and high good humor are at the very heart of a wonderful culture. Village folks don't sit in front of the television after supper; they meet at the local pub and don't go home until everyone at the table has politely bought a round.

Since 1970, 132 East River Road has been the home of a great “Irish Pub” to the residents of Rumson and the surrounding towns and villages.  First as Briody’s Blackpoint Inn and then more recently as Murray MacGregor’s Publik House.  It has been a place where one could get a casual bite to eat and a few pints.  Somewhere that made you feel good about yourself and a place that was always bustling with that famous Irish atmosphere and hospitality.

This cozy Irish pub, Murray MacGregor’s, located at 132 East River Road, Rumson, New Jersey has been sold according to Richard R. Santore of, Bielat Santore & Company, Allenhurst, New Jersey, the broker for the sale.  But holy shamrocks hold on to your shillelagh; the luck of the Irish remains in Rumson in the presence of new owners, the Maguire Family of Hazlet, New Jersey.  The Maguire’s are a crafty, energetic breed, with the fire of Ireland boiling in their blood.  They bring with them a fresh new outlook and a wealth of innovative ideas and concepts that are bound to make the Rumson location bigger and better than ever.

The Maguire’s main emphasis on taking over what has been an absentee run business for the past few years, is to make Macgregor’s a centerpiece in the community.  “The most important thing about Macgregor’s,” state the new owners, “is that when people visit, they feel at home.”  The Maguire’s will be on premise at all times to greet, serve and interact with their customers.

As the old Irish toast goes; “may the roof above you never fall in, and those gathered beneath it never fall out.”  Half of the magic of Ireland lies in the people; so stop in and say hello to the Maguire’s and don’t go home until everyone at the table has politely bought a round.

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