Thursday, August 2, 2012


Commercial Real Estate firm introduces new Facebook page "Jersey Beats & Eats", a place where NJ businesses and patrons can share information about the food, beverage and entertainment industries.

A new social media page has been launched byBielat Santore & Company of Allenhurst, New Jersey. The Facebook page is called “Jersey Beats & Eats” and its purpose is two-fold: to inform subscribers with what is happening around New Jersey, as well as increasing patronage and revenue for Jersey businesses. The page focuses primarily on the food, beverage and entertainment industries.
Jersey Beats & Eats” shares information about deals and promotions happening at New Jersey bars and restaurants, notifies subscribers about various local music and entertainment performances, supplies its readers with weekly recipes, discusses the latest news and trends among entrepreneurs within the food, beverage and entertainment industries, and encourages those within those industries to share their feedback, as well as post their own news and specials on the “Jersey Beats & Eats” page. Additionally, the social media page has a bi-weekly E-newsletter sponsored by the New Jersey commercial real estate firm, Bielat Santore & Company, a boutique agency working exclusively with food and beverage related real estate since 1978. According to the mission statement on its Facebook page, “ ‘Jersey Beats & Eats’ is where you can get the scoop on local restaurants, bars, events, deals, music, news and other general happenings in the Garden State” and “is the place to find and share information about what is new and noteworthy in our great state.”
Check out “Jersey Beats & Eats” on Facebook For more information about Bielat Santore & Company, visit their website at, or call 732.869.4200.

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